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PhoneValet Dialing and AppleScript Examples

PhoneValet Message Center can run AppleScripts for Caller ID, when the phone is picked up/hung up, after voice mail messages are taken and after calls are recorded. Of course our Remote Control features use AppleScript too!

Below are some examples that Parliant has contributed — if you have an example you'd like us to share, we'd be happy to! Please send us a note. You may also be interested in our tips on writing AppleScripts for PhoneValet.

Many new scripts are included and installed automatically with PhoneValet Message Center and PhoneValet Home Edition. As updates are made to those scripts, they will be posted here. Some of the new scripts included:

  • Pause/restart iTunes when you pick up/hang up the phone.
  • Set your iChat status to "On the phone" when you are.
  • Copy call recordings and voice mail messages into iTunes playlists (ie to sync onto an iPod).
  • Call in to have your Mac read you your iCal calendar.
  • Call in to get the current weather (by zip/airport code).
  • Call in and hear text-to-speech and/or sound files.

Downloadable Examples

These script examples will function in PhoneValet Message Center. Scripts written for dialing, caller ID, and voice mail will function in PhoneValet Home Edition.

Basic AppleScript Dialing

This simple script shows the three AppleScript dialing commands supported by PhoneValet. Simply download and open it with Apple's Script Editor to see how it works. Try it out.
BasicScriptExample.sit (1K, Stuffit format)

Now Up-to-Date and Contact Integration Scripts

One script allows you to log your incoming calls directly into Now Contact by automatically bringing up the caller's contact record and adding a call event, easily allowing you to add notes to the call. Another script allows you to call in using PhoneValet's Remote Control feature and have the system read out your calendar events for the day from Now Up-to-Date. Also included are dialing scripts for dialing within Now Contact. (63K, zip format)

Integration with FileMaker Databases

FileMaker applications are easily able to invoke and respond to AppleScripts, as this example shows. This example is simply the basic FileMaker contact manager template application with additions to demonstrate dialing from FileMaker, and having PhoneValet automatically lookup and add client records when they call. It also stores references to voicemail and recordings for each client. Documentation on installation and customization is included in the script.
FileMaker 7 Example (62K, zipped)

Performing a Full PhoneValet 5 Backup

PhoneValet 5 has a built-in backup feature that backs up your phonebook, call log, and other settings. It does not backup your message files and any custom AppleScripts you have installed. This script will copy your messages, scripts, and perform a PhoneValet backup and place it in the folder of your choosing. This script requires PhoneValet 5 or later.
Full PhoneValet 5 Backup Script (19K, zipped)

Dialing from Microsoft Entourage v.X

The Entourage dialing scripts are installed automatically into Entourage's scripts folder when you first launch PhoneValet. To use them in Entourage, select a phone number in a message with the mouse and then click on the scripts menu. You will see the standard 3 options for dialing with PhoneValet (automatic, exact, and the option to pick a calling card).

If you want to see the scripts or modify them, look under your home folder in Documents : Microsoft User Data : Entourage Script Menu Items.

Email Caller ID using Apple's Mail

Although PhoneValet includes a built-in feature to email you on incoming calls, this script allows you to create custom emails and have them sent using Apple's Mail application.
EmailCallerID.scpt.sit (2KB, Stuffit format)

Telephone Number Reverse Lookup

This is a call action AppleScript that uses your Web browser to look up the caller's number on the Internet whenever a call comes in. This script works with all area codes in the USA and Canada, and is very handy since Caller ID service often doesn't give you the name of a long-distance caller.
ReverseLookup.sit (2KB, Stuffit format)

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