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Compatibility with MacOS X Lion

PhoneValet Message Center versions 6.0.3 and lower are not compatible with MacOS X Lion. Only version 6.0.5 is compatible with MacOS X 10.7 Lion.

PhoneValet Message Center 6.0.5 is compatible with MacOS X 10.7 Lion.You must have a version 6 license to install version 6.0.5. If you do not have a version 6 license, you can not run PhoneValet on MacOS X Lion. Software upgrades to version 6 are no longer available.

Known Issues

PhoneValet Will Not Start

If you get an error that says "Waiting For OpenBase" or "Waiting for Telephony Services" to start, you likely need an OpenBase upgrade. Please download OpenBase version 12.0.2 and install it. Please ignore any licensing information it asks for. You should not need to enter a license code in the OpenBase installer.

False errors from PhoneValet Announcements when dialing from remote computer

when attempting to Test the username and password from PhoneValet Announcements, it tells you the server is the wrong version. This error is false. When making a remote dial request from an AppleScript or the Address Book, it will give an error saying it could not connect to the server. This error is also false. Pick up the phone to complete the call.

Announcements window freezing

when a call announcement appears, it may stay after the call or be superimposed with the data from the previous call. This is rare and only happens on relatively few installations. We do not have a solution to this issue.